Ever feel like you just need an extra brain, or two, or three? That if you had a bit of extra input you could solve a problem faster, or better. Maybe you need a bit of expertise from different disciplines to get some new ideas, or flesh out a plan.

Problem is, that’s easier said than done. 

Not with us.

Our model provides easy-to-access, specialist skills when our clients (and other consultants) need them. Our ‘Advisory Team’ model gives you selected experts, ready to roll with a new challenge, and up-to-speed with your business, right when you need it, at a fixed monthly cost. 

The skills in Extra Brain form the ultimate leaders toolkit to help you get unstuck, and get on. Our Brains offer: coaching, innovation, strategy, marketing, design, change, finance, tech, supply chain, HR, and legal. We can even help you to build your business on the B Corp framework, in bitesize chunks, and help you to get certified.

Our clients know where to turn, whenever they need more brains on a problem. We help them to share the load and progress.

What We Do

Network of consultants, low overheads, best available talent blah, blah, blah – you’ve heard it all before. In truth, we’re the same. We’re not here to tell you it’s revolutionary, just that it works.

Solo consultants are great, trust us, we’ve been them. We’ve delivered brilliant outcomes for clients on our own BUT sometimes, often in fact, problems benefit from broader perspectives, specialist skills and quite frankly, extra brains. 

We’ve got a few different services, designed to suit your needs and all based on recurring observations or requests. If we’re really honest though, we know that products are often a start point and each business has its own context and nuance. We’re happy to create something new, if it works for you, and us.


Brains on tap

Our model has been specially designed to help leaders with ongoing consulting needs to have a larger set of specialists running alongside them at a fixed price. This means they can access these skills, when they need them, with an up-to-date team, without worrying about costs ramping up.

Individual Advisor:

Long-term, Non Executive or Board Advisor roles with one lead consultant.

Extra Brain Advisory Team:

Long-term Non-Executive or Board Advisor roles with one lead consultant + additional specialists with limited, ongoing monthly access, within the price. This service comes in two sizes:

  • 4 Brain Team = 1 lead advisor and 3 additional specialists each month.
  • 2 Brain Team = 1 lead advisor and 1 additional specialist each month

All Advisory clients can access the network for additional projects or skills. These projects will be costed independently by the consultant for the client, Extra Brain will add a 10% margin onto the costs. We do not charge the consultants additional commission.

Brains to go


We’re lucky enough to have a great location in beautiful Southwold, in Suffolk, to host leadership team events and a host of amazing facilitators to design and run them and we’re also starting ‘Workship Workshops’ on a converted barge in London from Autumn 2022.

Extra Brain Storm:

Have a burning problem or creative roadblock that needs an informed injection of expertise, turned around in days not weeks? 3 or 4 experienced Brains to thrash out a challenge or generate fresh ideas?

The Extra Brain Storm is a 90-minute, facilitated workshop with our most relevant Brains, selected for your challenge. You bring the brief, we run the session, which you’re welcome to join. You leave with ideas, provocations and solutions after a stimulating discussion. We’ll send you a transcript, with the key ideas highlighted, the recording, and an exec summary outlining our solutions. If you want one of the Brains to evolve this further, that’s fine too. 

Coming soon: Knowledge Transfer

We’re currently designing a short training programme, around 4 key topics that we believe will help teams to function better – that means your team too!

The topics are: Innovation and creativity, leadership, wellbeing and resillience and ethical business.

More thinking required

One-off projects:

These are self-contained projects which can be dealt with by one or more of the consultants. It’s almost impossible to categorise every type – so far, they have ranged from: being a ‘Pitch Doctor’ for an important win, helping with the strategy for an international launch, transforming an organisations entire value proposition and internal processes, helping to improve customer experience,  and defining sustainable roles and structures for critical business teams. 


We’re not the first network of consultants, and we won’t be the last, that’s for sure.

Extra Brain only grows its network when it needs new skills, so you won’t find a page of 100 biogs and photos of people who are not actively engaged. If you can see them, we need them on projects. In addition, the Brains want to work with people who excite them, who they genuinely want to spend time with and learn from. Selfishly, we all want to access the minds of great thinkers, have fun and learn along the way, just like you.

We’re creating an inclusive environment, a space for diverse Brains to flourish, collaborate and enjoy. Want to find out if it could be for you?

It’s also crucial to us that our consultants:

  • Are successful in their own right (we’re not their salespeople)
  • Have a proven track record 
  • Are happy being brought into a range of client problems and have lateral skills
  • Are genuinely collaborative, egos left at the door
  • Want the best outcome for the client (our model doesn’t work without this, it requires us to relinquish some control to each other for the best outcome)
  • Want to participate (we have working groups currently developing new Extra Brain products together).
Sound like you? Here’s our FAQ

Jessica Gregson

Founder & CEO
Non-Exec & Board Advisor London/Suffolk
Jess has worked for 22 years in a combination of agencies, corporates and consultancies. She is Board Advisor or Non Exec for 3 international agencies, and long-standing consultant with a handful of others. She has also consulted in FS, charity, technology and local government.
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Heidi Florence

Network member
Sustainability & Business Impact Consultant
Heidi helps businesses evaluate and improve the impact of their day-to-day operations on people and planet. Amongst others, she’s currently working with National Geographic Kids Magazine on their journey to become a B Corp and sits on the board of directors at Planet Purbeck C.I.C, a Dorset-based community driven environmental group.
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Don Smith

Founder network member
Creative Direction, Innovation & Strategy
Don is an inventor and serial entrepreneur. His passion, experience, and bespoke innovation models have been used by the University of Edinburgh, the Royal Academy of Engineers, along with businesses of all sizes to affect positive change and sustainable but commercial success.
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Catherine Brown

Network member
Leadership and Communication Coach and Facilitator
Catherine practised as a barrister for 15 years, advising and advocating for clients in the civil and coronial system. She brings the skills from that experience to her current career in coaching, training and consultancy.

From facilitating discussions on difficult topics to mock cross examinations testing strategy and compliance, Catherine uses her forensic approach to get under the surface and uncover what is not being said.
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Daniel Gregson

Founder & CSO
Strategy Lead & Board Advisor
Dan has worked in class-leading advertising, content & production agencies since 2001 with experience across every major vertical from FMCG, travel, automotive and tech. He's former MD of renowned ad agency, BMB, and alongside his role in Extra Brain - is also co-founder of Electroheads - a fast growing media, marketing and activations specialist working with partners across the whole electromobility sector.
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Victoria Evans

Network member
Commercial Strategy, Finance Direction
Victoria is a commercially astute Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) with more than 20 years experience gained working in Corporates, including a number of Global Sports & Retail Brands, SMEs and StartUps, with a specialism in Retail /E-Commerce & Digital. 
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Natasha Jones

Network member
Employment Lawyer & Chief Habit Officer
Natasha has worked for over 20 years as an employment lawyer for a combination of corporates across the spectrum of HR issues.

Natasha is also an international bestselling author, with a passion for encouraging and nuturing cultures where work place wellbeing is walked not just talked about.
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Robin Bonn

Founder network member
Growth Specialist & Coach
A growth specialist and coach, Robin has worked in commercial and consultancy roles in the tech and creative industries since the late 90s. Alongside his role with Extra Brain, he’s also the founder of the specialist management consultancy, Co:definery - advising agency CEOs and founders around the world. Robin is also a columnist for Marketing Week, co-chair of BIMA’s Future Growth Council and a mentor for SheSays.
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Jindy Mann

Founder network member
Leadership Coach & Advisor
Jindy has spent 20 years in growth and change consulting roles in a range of sectors and across corporates, startups and the public sector. In addition to consulting, his passion for humane leadership led to him starting his professional coaching practice, working with leaders and founders to create positive change.
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Chin Ru Foo

Network member
Branding, Innovation, Diversity, and Leadership
Chin Ru has spent 25 years in marketing, innovation and organisation change - across local, regional & global roles. Most recently a Board Member and Global Innovation Director, she is passionate about the power of Diversity and Creativity to unlock leadership and team performance.
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Liam Dystant

Network member
Sustainability & Change
Liam is a people & planet focussed consultant with 20+ years of experience in the Sustainability, Financial Services and SME fields. Numerous strings to his bow, Liam built sustainability strategies, led global technology & regulatory projects and advised SMEs and NFPs on growth strategies.
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Veronika Bridgman

Network member
Product and Experience – Strategy & Innovation
Veronika is a sense maker. She leads teams on a journey from problem to prototype, specialising in design thinking and behaviour change. As an expert facilitator, her energy and hands-on approach create tangible solutions for clients that include corporates, startups, NGOs and governments.
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Annette Gallo

Network member
US Market Insight & Creative Consulting & Branding
New York
Annette is an executive-level creative leader. She specialises in brand direction, marketing, strategic partnerships, and communications. She also advises and helps brands to launch in the USA.

Annette has experience working within Media, Luxury, Hospitality, Fashion, and Arts.

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Simon Wakeman

Network member
Growth, operational leadership, org design
& change
Simon's 24 year career includes leadership experience as a founder, MD, COO and NED of technology-focussed growth companies, including successful exits. He's now a consultant and fractional COO helping businesses solve growth challenges and become sustainably high performing organisations.
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Hugh Goulbourne

Network member
Commercial Lawyer
A commercial lawyer with 20 years experience in a ‘Silver Circle’ London law firm, in multinationals and more recently in senior leadership roles in environmental consultancies and funds.
Hugh’s specialism is IT contracts, data privacy and GDPR compliance in sectors from retail to energy with a wide range of commercial contracts including supplier and customer contracts, NDAs and terms and conditions of sale or purchase.
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Damian Rees

Network member
Customer Researcher & Product Design Strategist
With 20+ years as a UX and human-centred design leader, Damian drives positive change by challenging businesses to re-imagine customer experiences. Guided by research and empathy, he inspires more human-centric practices in business processes, products and services that delight users and deliver results.
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Coming Soon

M&A & investment, DEI Leadership, ESG Strategy, Carbon Reporting, Mentoring.
If you’ve had a good read of what we’re doing and you think you would like to join the network, please get in touch, via the Contact Page
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A few more things that it might be useful to tell you.

This isn’t a Co-operative, but it’s inspired by the movement. Consultants and clients will be asked to vote on key decisions about who Extra Brains works with, and how we support purposeful initiatives.

We’re not specifically designed for social enterprises and charities, nor purely for purpose-driven organisations, but we will avoid work that we think has a direct, negative impact on society. Consultants will vote to decide if we take on new clients.

This is worth saying, gently, we’re consultants. We’re not a freelance solution and we don’t take away projects to implement, outside of your business. We help you to set strategy and agree tactics, we can even help your team with implementation; helping them to assess the right partners and even advising them along the way, but we won’t execute stuff on your behalf.

We’re working to improve the diversity of our network to create an inclusive space where everyone can thrive and the talent of people from underrepresented groups is amplified. We encourage our clients to do the same.

Every year, 5% of our profits will go to a cause that we believe is actively supporting one of the 17 UN SDG’s, this could be global or local. Clients and consultants will vote from a selection provided by the founders each year.

What Clients Say

“We’ve found having an objective viewpoint, a robust challenge or just a fresh pair of eyes invaluable in keeping us true to what we do and being able to have the best chance of success. That’s what Jess brings to us and why we work with her.”

Eliot Sykes

Managing Partner, Krow X

“Jess is a seasoned thought leader that provides Tommy with a valuable sounding board and considered direction. Jess can turn her focus to many aspects of the business landscape and gives clear and concise input. She’s equally adept at ‘thinking’ and ‘leading’ as well as the hands-on in the ‘doing’.”

Chris Edwards

Founder, Tommy

“I can whole heartedly say that Jess has been more than just an extra brain. She has been fundamental in unlocking our potential as a business and as individuals and is very much part of our team. We’ve been so lucky to have Jess guiding us and we’ve learned so much in the process that the last three years would have looked very different had she not been involved.”

Peter Johnson

MD, Creature & Co

“When Dan speaks, I listen. I don’t say that about many people.”

Adam Barmby

CEO and Founder,
EAV Solutions.

“(Dan) brings amazing clarity. Takes you through his thinking in a way that means you enjoy the journey and reach the destination smiling – cracked it.”

Donna-Maria Cullen

Executive Director, Tottenham
Hotspur Football & Athletic Co Ltd

“Having an Extra Brain is invaluable to our business and the people who lead it, providing us all with the peace of mind that we have someone to turn to when the going gets tough or there’s a business mountain to climb.”

Josh Bolland

Founder, JB Cole

Our Clients: